Single Currency Instructional Video

Moola Machine is so simple to use. Check out our first instructional video demonstrating single currency (SGD) buying foreign currency (IDR).

Do you know?
Moola Machine also accept multiple currencies in a single transaction!
more videos on the way….

Expert Users

Came to the Toa Payoh station one afternoon and saw a group crowding around the machine. Turn out, a customer is explaining to others how the Machine works!

Thank you very much.

First Day in Operation!

We are proud to present our first Moola Machine #1 on the first day of April 2019.

The venue we have selected is right in the heart of Toa Payoh Central. One of the most populated town in the middle of Singapore. Surrounding us, there are 7 traditional money changers.

Many of our friends asked: “Why Toa Payoh? Where it’s so competitive.” Well, there is this chinese saying “不入虎穴,焉得虎子 (Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained)”. There are no other better location to start.

Moola Machine #1 First day in operation